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LED T8 Glass
LED T8 Glass
SPEC:8W/9W/12W/13W/14W/16W/18W Color temperature:3000K/4000K/6500K
LIFE:25000 Hours
Product introduction

SPEC:8W/9W/12W/13W/14W/16W/18W  Color temperature:3000K/4000K/6500K  
LIFE:25000 Hours  

High efficiency,  the overall lighting efficiency 95LM/W;

The lighting Angle is greater than 330 degrees;

Appearance is good, the surface is bright and white;

Good durability, long working glass tube is not easy to age;

The transmittance rate is greater than 90%, and the covering effect of the LED is good and the lamp bead is not easy to see.

It is good for the color of the light source, the color temperature deviation is less than 50K in the light strip, and the color change is not visible to the naked eye.

High thermal conductivity of glass tube, which is good for heat dissipation and long life.